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A Walk to Remember

 A special community event open to all parents that have lost a child. Unlike similar Walk to Remembers, we open this event to all child loss, not just perinatal or neonatal loss. No matter how much time has passed or the circumstances.

We gather in the afternoon and have parent sign in and gathering information on there next steps. We have a table ready to parents to personalize and item in honoring their child. . Once signed in and created a memorial craft item guest gather for the opening ceremony, guest speaker(s) and a song will open the event to take the small trail walk around the Japanese Garden (short, gravel trail pathway). Gathering back together we have our honor ceremony--personalized craft item parents created will be handed to them while reading of their child's name. If anyone wishes to read or say something in memory of their child, they can do so at this time-- Local musician perform throughout the function then closing speech, closing song and prayer. We encourage families to bring supporting members and friends. This is a family event and we welcome anyone that wishes to remember their precious child.


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